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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes homeowners need answers when it comes to their HVAC problems. Let’s cut right to the chase and look at a few questions that we are frequently asked. Below are just a few questions that our customers frequently ask!

Make sure you call our team if you need more help. We’re available and ready to help with your HVAC-related questions, no matter how complicated or unique they seem. Every home is different which is why we're always prepared to think outside the box!

Can we talk to a technician over the phone about our issue and get an estimate before they come out?

The technician is happy to give an estimate at the time of the appointment. The office staff does not have access to the Straight Forward Pricing Guide, but our highly knowledgeable technician will explain the estimate thoroughly and answer any questions the client may have.

Will my vents get cleaned out as well?

While we do not provide a dryer vent cleaning service, we do perform FREE Internal Air Quality Audits and duct inspections, where the technician will recommend how to improve the air quality in your home. Duct cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable. This is because the build-up that can end up within your ducts can impede the flow of air throughout your home.

What does the star membership include?

The star performance membership guarantees emergency service within 24 hours, priority booking, seasonal system maintenance for both a/c and furnace (including safety inspections), $40 off diagnostic service calls, 20% off repairs, 5% off new equipment and IAQ products, $100 star rewards gift card after each year of membership, as well as exclusive deals and specials.

What is done during a tune up?

Run test the furnace or a/c

Inspect interior of the furnace or a/c for rust or mold

Inspect exterior of the furnace or a/c

Safety check furnace heat exchanger with probe

Test all furnace or a/c safeties

Test blower motor amperage

Clean burners

Inspect flue and exhaust port for obstructions

Inspect blower operation

Probe evaporator coil with infrared camera

Adjust wiring compartment: tightening and checking connections on furnace or a/c

Calibrate thermostat to ensure proper operation

Provide instruction on maintenance

Safety check condenser and compressor

Complete supply and return plenum inspection

Test contactors for burned or pitted contacts

Water heater connection inspection

Inspect service valves for proper operation/leaks

Check for carbon monoxide detectors

Audit disconnect box for proper rating

Remove and clean existing air filters

Measure temperature difference in supply return

Inspect humidification system if applicable

Search combustion air vents

Provide excellent customer service

Will I get a reminder the day before the appointment/once the technician is on his way?

The cellphone number and email address on file will receive a confirmation email/text at the time the appointment is booked, an appointment reminder one day prior to the appointment, and also once our technician is dispatched and on their way to the client’s property.

How long has your company been in business?

Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning is a family owned company that has been in business since 2012.

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