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Indoor Air Quality Services in Concord, CA

As long as your heater and air conditioner are working well, your home will be comfortable, right? Actually, this isn’t the full story. If your home’s indoor air quality is poor, it can affect your comfort and even your health if unaddressed for too long. This issue can be addressed using effective air quality systems.

Air quality systems can help improve and maintain optimal indoor air quality. 

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Indoor Air Quality in Concord, CA

Investing in your indoor air quality (IAQ) is always worth it. When your IAQ is taken care of it improves everything from your comfort to your energy efficiency and even to your health. That is why we make sure to offer reliable and helpful indoor air quality services and systems:

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers: Both air filtration systems and air purifiers help suck the allergens, germs, and viruses out of your home.

It’s easy to get the indoor air quality service you need with the help of the Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning professionals.

Why Your Concord, CA Indoor Air Quality Matters

Why should you bother trying to improve your indoor air quality? If the air isn’t overly dusty, does it matter? Yes, it does! Your IAQ matters because it affects how well your home is heated and cooled and can make your HVAC systems’ jobs easier or harder.

For example, if there is too little moisture in your home, your heater will struggle to warm the house. However, with the help of a humidifier, you can increase the humidity level, allowing the air to hold onto the heat for a longer amount of time and make your heater’s job that much easier. Learn more about the benefits of different air quality systems in Concord, CA by contacting us.

Filters or Purifiers?

Both air filters and purifiers are beneficial for your IAQ. An air filtration is able to filter our dust, debris, dirt, fur and other contaminants from the air, keeping them out of your AC unit or heater and also out of your home. An air purifier can also address these contaminants but is also able to tackle additional contaminants such as microscopic bacteria, viruses, allergens, and more.

While portable filters and purifiers are beneficial to your home, we want you to know that you can also enjoy these air quality systems being built into your HVAC system. If you are thinking about ways to improve your IAQ and would like to do it without having four different portable systems in your home, contact us. Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Concord, CA and the surrounding areas since 2012.

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