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Dual Fuel Systems and Services in Concord, CA

Sometimes it feels like you have to choose between energy efficiency and powerful delivery when it comes to your home comfort, especially when it involves your home heating. What if this wasn’t the case though? What would you do if you could combine the strength of a powerful furnace with, say, the energy efficiency of a heat pump? The truth is that you can.

Concord, CA stays relatively warm and comfortable most of the year. But sometimes you need a little extra power during winter to keep your home from becoming an icebox. This is what a dual fuel system offers. You can enjoy the energy efficient operation of your heat pump to keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter. When temperatures drop a bit too far, your dual fuel system will turn on the furnace to help keep you comfy.

Your Comfort Is Our Business. Learn more about our dual fuel system services when you contact us today.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Here’s the deal: your dual fuel system is the combination of two well-known HVAC systems, the furnace and the heat pump. Your heat pump is the primary source of comfort throughout the year as it offers the ability to both heat and cool your home within one compact, energy-efficient unit. However, your heat pump has one drawback: it falters and becomes expensive to operate when temperatures drop too far down.

This is where your furnace comes in. When temperatures dip a little too low for your heat pump, your dual fuel system will let your furnace know that it is game on. Once your furnace turns on, it delivers powerful heat throughout your home, keeping your home environment nice and temperate. With a system that offers the best of both worlds, you should make sure to take good care of it with dual fuel maintenance and repairs delivered by professionals.

Scheduling Dual Fuel Installation with Us

If you are interested in getting set up with a dual fuel system, make sure you get started on the right foot with dual fuel system installation by a team of professionals like ours. Our professional team members can make sure that every part of your dual fuel system is installed and sized properly to help it do its job for a long time before it needs a dual fuel system replacement.

Good dual fuel system installation can make all the difference in your system’s operation. Thankfully, with our dual fuel system maintenance and dual fuel system repair services, we can make sure that it keeps running as well as the day it was installed. Learn more by reaching out to us today.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with Every Visit

When you work with us, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dual fuel system is taken care of. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every service we do, whether it is a singular dual fuel system repair or a full dual fuel system replacement. We have great service—it’s why we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

If you are in need of powerful and energy-efficient comfort, or you simply need a team you can rely on to take care of your dual fuel system, make sure you reach out to us. We have been providing reliable and effective comfort solutions to Concord, CA for over five years.

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