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Furnace Services in Concord, CA

Furnaces have been providing heat to homes around the world for many years. They’ve stuck around this long because they are reliable, powerful, and increasingly energy efficient. Today you can even choose between a gas furnace or an electric furnace for you home.

When you have such a great source of heat and comfort for your household, you should be able to know without a doubt that the ones providing furnace services for it are reliable too. Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning can promise that we are reliable and so much more. We offer services that are based on custom solutions for your comfort needs, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee every time.

Your Comfort Is Our Business. Contact us to learn more. Serving Concord, CA and the surrounding areas since 2012.

Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Better?

If you are considering a new furnace for your home, you should know about the two furnace types: gas and electric furnaces. These furnaces both produce reliable and effective heating, but their main difference is based on how exactly they create that heat. A gas furnace burns gas to create heat, while an electric furnace creates warmth using electricity.

Choosing between these might seem tough, but what you must remember is that it is all about the way the heat is created. Do you already have a natural gas line for your home? Then you may want to consider a gas furnace. If you don’t already have a gas line, you can weigh the cost of operating an electric furnace against the cost of having a gas line installed. And, whatever you choose, make sure you contact us for your furnace installation.

Trust a Professional with Your Furnace Repairs

Your furnace is an important system in the effort to keep you comfortable during wintertime in Concord, CA. The last thing you want it to do is to break down in the middle of the night or during a rainstorm. This is why it is a good idea to have a team you trust on hand to perform furnace repairs when you need them.

If you notice loud and strange noises, realize that your system isn’t heating the home properly, or pick up on any other concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out for repairs from a trained and certified professional like those on our team. Our techs have the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done right.

Stay Warm with Our Help

The team at Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Concord, CA, and the surrounding area for more than five years. We have lasted this long for a reason. Not only is every technician on our team thoroughly trained, but they are also both EPA and NATE-certified. This allows them to provide the high quality of service that we are known for.

We promise 100% customer satisfaction with every service appointment made because we employ the people needed to be able to back it up. When you want custom comfort solutions for your home, reach out to us.

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