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Heat Pump Services in Concord, CA

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Heat pumps are a powerful new option when it comes to heating and cooling your home. They function similarly to a central air conditioner, with the ability to also run in reverse so they can heat your home in the winter! Get this new system and more with the help of Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning.

  • Our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified.
  • Our company is locally owned and operated.
  • We’ve been Diamond Certified for seven years in a row!

Our team specializes in the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of heat pump systems in Concord, CA. Schedule a comfort consultation with us today to learn more about how these services can help you.

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Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Are you considering contacting us for a heat pump installation? Great! We can’t wait to hear from you! But if you are curious as to whether a heat pump is the right choice for you, we want to give you a little more information on this system and the benefits it brings with it.

  • Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are well-known for being highly energy efficient systems so you are using far less energy than you would with a standard AC and furnace combination.
  • Year-Round Temperature Control: Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling comfort thanks to their reversing valve so you can enjoy comfort year-round using only one system.
  • Compact Size: Because they don’t need ductwork to operate and use a chosen number of air handlers, heat pumps take up very little space.
  • Personalized Control: You can run different heat pump air handlers according to your comfort needs (i.e. shutting off the air handler in a room that gets more sun early, so it doesn’t become too warm in winter).

If you’re ready to choose a heat pump for your home, make sure that you come to the experts at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning.

Rely on Us for Heat Pump Repair

Whether you have a heat pump or not, you probably know just how wonderful these systems are. That is why you want to make sure you take the best possible care of your unit, starting with professional heat pump installation and continuing with reliable maintenance and heat pump repair.

Effective heat pump repairs should be done by trained technicians such as the ones on the team at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning. You don’t want to put this fantastic source of comfort at risk with work from an amateur. You can discover the difference our repair services make by contacting us or checking out our reviews.

Heat Pump Maintenance Keeps Your System Going

Did you know heat pump maintenance can be something that helps you delay needing a heat pump replacement too early? It’s true—and also a perfect example of how important maintenance services are. Not only can maintenance delay heat pump replacement, but it can reduce repair needs, increase efficiency, and more.

It is easy to see the difference that professional service can make in Concord, CA. This is why you should always rely on trained, certified technicians like ours. Our team members are all NATE and EPA-certified and will always provide the best quality work for your heat pump. Serving Concord, CA and the surrounding areas since 2012.

Air Handlers in Concord, CA

Also referred to as an air handling unit, the air handler is the component of your heat pump system that’s responsible for regulating and circulating the air through the use of a blower, cooling or heating elements, filter racks or chambers, and dampers. The air handler is the indoor unit of your heat pump. 

The most common type of air handler found is known as a terminal unit, which houses the air filter, blower, and coil, with the coil being used to keep the air at a specified temperature. Essentially, your heat pump can’t do its job to heat or cool your home without a professionally installed and serviced air handler in place. Contact us to learn more!

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