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Duct Replacement Services in Concord, CA

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Your air ducts are a vital component of your home comfort system in Concord, CA. That’s why if they’re in disrepair, or are on the verge of falling apart, the team at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with fast and effective duct replacement!

  • We’re locally owned and operated.
  • We always do the right thing for our customers and community.
  • We cover our duct replacement services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It’s important to take an honest look at your air ducts, and evaluate how efficiently or effectively they’re providing your home with comfort. If they’re not, we can simply replace them with ducts that will.

Call Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning, the duct replacement pros in Concord, CA. Your Comfort is our Business. 


The Importance of Your HVAC Ductwork

Your ductwork is essential to your HVAC performance. They manage the quality of heating and cooling that come into your living space. In someplace like Concord, you want your HVAC systems to work as optimally as possible, especially your air conditioner. However, if your ductwork has any gaps, tears, or cracks in it, then this allows outside air to come in, and conditioned air to escape out before it has the chance to reach your living space. 

For this reason, it’s vital that you have a trained and qualified professional assess your HVAC system. Without this professional touch, it’ll be hard to tell if anything is going amiss with your ducts. If you have concerns about the performance of your ductwork, it’s time to give us a call! 

Air Duct Replacement 

So, how do you know if your ductwork is struggling and you may be in need of professional air duct replacement? Here are some signs to watch out for:

Poor Airflow: Has the airflow coming through your room vents declined? This is very often a sign of a problem with the ventilation system. If your ductwork has any tears in it, loose joints, or even if your ductwork was improperly sized and installed, you’ll have an airflow problem. 

High Energy Bills: Are your energy bills just getting higher and higher? If you notice your home seems to be consuming more electricity than it used to, it may be bad ductwork to blame. Your HVAC systems account for about half of all your home’s energy use. 

When ductwork is damaged, it allows conditioned air to escape, and your HVAC systems have to run longer to compensate, therefore drawing more power than they would normally have to. This will result in higher bills for you! 

Odd Noises from Your HVAC System: There are a number of potential culprits when it comes to odd or loud noises coming from your HVAC system. For instance, a clicking sound when your furnace cycles off can be the sign of a cracked heat exchanger, while a hissing coming from your AC may indicate a refrigerant leak. 

What you should be aware of is if any new sounds come up. For instance, do you hear an intense rattling noise when you run your air conditioner or furnace when you never have before? This can be the sign of ductwork that needs to be replaced.

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