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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Concord

Much like heat pump air systems, heat pump water heaters offer homeowners and residents throughout Concord, CA a host of benefits. Among these, of course, is its ability to create and provide hot water reliably without costing an arm and a leg. By transferring heat from the air outside the system into the water, a heat pump water heater creates warm water without having to burn gas to use an excessive amount of energy.

If you are on the hunt for a team to install or maintain a heat pump water heater, you can turn to us. Our team of tried and true service technicians are trained and skilled at keeping your heat pump water heater running and running well. If you need professionals you can rely on, we're happy to help.

Your Comfort Is Our Business. Reach out to Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning today.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater

Much like a heat pump air system for your home, heat pump water heaters use the same technology and employ refrigerant to move heat rather than create it. This, of course, means using less energy and fuel. In fact, this energy-efficient system really doesn’t use any fuel at all since it does not require gas to do its job. This allows it to consume far less energy than the standard electric tank water heater.

Heat pump water heaters offer these and other benefits to anyone who installs them in their home. And, while the initial cost of installation is higher than that of a gas or electric system, your heat pump water heater pays for itself quickly. If you want to learn more about how these systems work or want to look into getting one for your home, contact us.

How to Tell Your Heat Pump Water Heater Needs Repair Work

Leaving a repair need unaddressed in your heat pump water heater will normally result in you no longer having hot water—and no one wants to discover that when they take their morning shower, even in Concord, CA. Thankfully, we are available for all your heat pump water heater repair needs.

Heat pump water heaters may be in need of repairs when they exhibit some of the following signs:

  • There is a drop in water pressure.
  • The water temperature is fluctuating or waning.
  • There are signs of a water leak.
  • Water and utility bills rise without cause.

Repair work doesn’t have to be difficult. You can contact us for all the work you need.

Only Trust the Pros

Heat pump water heaters are great systems, but they are also systems that need professional care. To be honest, we don’t suggest that you allow anyone other than a professional access to your water heater, whether it is a heat pump system or a gas unit.

When you need installations, repair, maintenance, or other services for a heat pump water heater, turn to the professionals at Hometown Heating & Air Conditioning. We are trained and educated to provide the best possible service quality to all our customers. Each job that we do comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee provided by our EPA and NATE-certified team members.

What Customers have to say about our services

Fantastic team, and excellent service. Overall a great experience with a professional organization. Hometown is my new go-to service company!

- Tom R. Lafayette, CA

I am so impressed with the Hometown Staff and Service team. They are timely, thorough, and clean! I will be calling Hometown from now on.

- Gail W. Walnut Creek, CA

I called Hometown for a water heater replacement, they were easy to work with, timely and took time to explain everything to me.

- Cindy S. Concord, CA

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