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Smart Home Services in Concord, CA

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of your appliances and comfort systems were voice-activated, smartphone activated, and conveniently accessed from one place? All of this can be achieved when you work with Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning for smart home services in Concord, CA.

  • Our team is locally owned and operated.
  • Our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified.
  • We back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re fully invested in the efficiency and convenience of our customers, to the point where we can always promise a job well done. Let’s get in touch to discuss how your life could benefit from a smart home system.

Contact Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning for fast and effective home upgrades in Concord, CA. Your Comfort is our Business!


Why Consider Smart Home Technology?

Imagine being able to go on vacation and knowing that you can keep an eye on your home’s safety no matter where you are in the world. Or picture how it would feel to have an app alert you when it detected dangerous gases in your home before you had to evacuate the house. These are the kinds of benefits you can enjoy with smart home technology.

Not only can smart technology help keep your home safer with products like a Nest camera, but it can also improve your energy efficiency and comfort with something such as a WiFi/smart thermostat. Whatever benefits you are hoping to incorporate into your home, we can help. When you decide to boost your home environment with the aid of smart technology, turn to us for installation.

How Nest Can Help Your Home

Nest smart home technology can easily be one of the most helpful things to add to your home, especially when it comes to your safety. There is a reason that we provide Nest camera installation and Nest Protect installation.

With a Nest camera, you can always keep watch over what is going on at your home. This is because your camera provides a 24/7 live feed to an app on your phone. Your Nest Protect also provides information to a phone app, but instead of a video feed, it helps alert you to concerns about smoke and carbon monoxide. These helpful pieces of technology should only be installed by professionals. Make sure you contact us for assistance.

We Offer Google Smart Home Services Too

Google has gone far beyond being a simple search engine. Today, Google is also trying to help you protect and optimize your home. To do this, the Google Mini and Google Home were created. Installed and maintained with Google smart home services provided by Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning in Concord, CA, your Google smart home speaker can assist in the effort to improve your energy efficiency.

We promise 100% customer satisfaction with our Google smart home services. This is because we have the skill and experience to back it up. When you are looking for a team you can turn to that will help you optimize your home’s operation. Don’t trust just any amateur with the installation and upkeep of your home’s smart technology. Contact us today.

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