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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Concord, CA

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When choosing a team of professionals to provide your Concord, CA home with AC repairs and maintenance, always go with one that provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning, you can rest assured that we’ll do things right.

  • Our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified.
  • Our company is locally owned and operated.
  • We’ve been Diamond Certified for seven years in a row!

Expertise, precision, and experience are three strengths that serve as the bedrock of our work. We go above and beyond to fix and maintain your air conditioning equipment.

Contact a customer service representative at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your next AC repair or maintenance appointment. Your Comfort is our Business!


AC Maintenance in Concord, CA

All too often we have people ask us what the point of air conditioning maintenance is if it doesn’t completely nullify the need for repairs. Think of it this way: would you want to wait until you have a painful cavity to see your dentist or would you rather get your teeth cleaned yearly and only encounter cavities every once in a while, if at all?

Much like seeing your dentist, having a service technician give your AC system a yearly check-up can help to keep things in good working order and reduce the need for repairs. On top of that, maintenance often keeps repair needs low key, so you won’t have to deal with big expensive repairs all the time. You can learn more about the benefits of maintenance when you reach out to a member of our team.

Signs You Need AC Repair in Concord, CA

Air conditioning maintenance can keep your repairs few and far between, but you will need to reach out for a repair service at some point. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t delay when you realize your system needs a fix, and to make sure it is done by a trained professional.

Signs that you can watch for that will tell you it is time to reach out for air conditioning repair include:

  • Loud sounds such as rattling, hissing, clanking, or screeching.
  • Reduced airflow or a lack of cool air.
  • An AC system that has a delayed response to the thermostat.
  • Your unit is short-cycling, or going through shortened, frequent, and inefficient cooling cycles.

Don’t sidestep AC repair. Instead, call the professionals on our team and solve your problem without a hassle.

Professional Repairs Make a Difference

When your cooling system needs a tune-up or requires AC repair you should always work with professional service technicians like those that can be found at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning in Concord, CA. While an amateur may offer a lower initial price, they will almost always end up costing you more due to work that is done improperly that can harm your system.

Don’t put your comfort at risk. Schedule your next air conditioning service with a trained technician and rest easy in the knowledge that our pros will get the job done right. There is a reason we have an A+ rating with the BBB and we are known for exceeding our customer’s expectations with our quality work. Call today.

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