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How to Determine When You’re Ready for AC Replacement

Summer is right around the corner, and soon enough you’ll need your air conditioner on a daily basis. Is it up to the task, though? Now is the perfect time to check if your AC is actually ready to get you through summer. If it’s not, it’s a good idea to replace it now, rather than wait for it to break down when you need it the most.

You don’t want to be without an air conditioner when temperatures get to their highest, after all. But, what signs should you look for that indicates it is in fact time for you to consider this replacement? Read on to learn a few!

Your AC Costs More and More to Operate Each Month

As a cooling system ages, it gradually starts losing its efficiency as the components wear down. At first, this efficiency loss won’t be starkly obvious. Eventually, however, the efficiency decline will become so severe that the AC will be forced to operate for longer periods of time to try to compensate.

This longer operating time drives up the monthly cost of actually using your air conditioner. So if you notice your system is costing more than it did the same time last year despite comparable use, then it’s a sign that something is amiss, and if the system is aging you could probably benefit from an AC upgrade.

Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs Too Frequently

Needing repairs every now and then isn’t a big deal. Every 2-3 years or so you might need some component inside your air conditioner fixed, even if you keep up with routine preventive maintenance.

However, if your cooling system needs to be repaired multiple times a year, it’s time to consult with a professional about getting a new one. This level of frequency in breakdowns is often because the system is succumbing to years of wear and tear. The various parts inside start to fail in groups, causing the frequency and costs of repairs to both rise.

Continuing to repair an aging system once it has reached this point is just going to cost you money you shouldn’t have to spend. It makes a lot more sense, in most cases, to replace an air conditioner that’s continually experiencing problems than to keep paying for repairs until it completely dies on you.

The System is 15+ Years Old

Let’s assume you schedule preventive maintenance once a year, and when you’re alerted to repair needs you call in a professional right away. That’s great! But you still cannot expect your AC system to last indefinitely. Eventually, it will age to the point that it just isn’t worth trying to get more efficient use out of it.

The average lifespan for a well-maintained air conditioner is about 10-15 years. After this point, it will start accumulating chronic problems that will lead to the frequent repairs and higher operating costs we mentioned above.  

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