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Yes, You Need a Pro for Your Air Conditioner Installation


One of the questions that many homeowners have about air conditioners is whether they can install one on their own.

Sure, if it’s a window unit or portable system!

The fact is, there are some intricate steps involved with an air conditioning installation, and if any of these steps are done incorrectly or hastily, it could lead to problems later on. Overall, AC systems are complex, and require a trained and experienced professional to manage.

We understand the sense of urgency though. If you’ve found yourself in need of a new air conditioner this time of the year—when temperatures are beginning to rise. If you’re shopping for one right now it means you need it now. But the thing is, rushing into a purchase like this can leave you sacrificing your comfort and cooling performance. Read on as we uncover a few reasons you need a professional for your installation.

They Know How to Remove the Old System

No, this is not just as easy as taking out the old system and tossing it aside. Your old cooling system has a number of components in it that require proper disposal such as refrigerant. Trained, professional technicians know how to manage this.

Removing your old air conditioner can actually be the most laborious and lengthy part of an air conditioner installation job. Special attention must be given to make sure nothing is knocked out of place, and then the space must be prepared for your new system—both the outdoor unit and indoor unit—or indoor units in the case of a ductless system!

They Can Make Connections Without Mistakes

Once your air conditioner is placed where you need it to be, our technicians will connect it to the important components of your home in order for it to function. The main component we’re referring to here is your ventilation system—in other words, your air ducts.

Sometimes, your ductwork will need to be shifted around in order to make these connections. A professional will know how to do this without damaging anything in the process. The same goes for the electrical connections that are needed for your AC system to function.

They’ll Test the Air Conditioner

This is the final, but very important, step of a professional air conditioner installation. If our installers left your house after making the last connection without testing to make sure that your new AC system actually works, you’d have no idea what to expect—nor would you know anything was wrong unless it was a super obvious problem.

Before we leave, we’ll turn on your air conditioner, measuring the intake and the airflow, to check that operation is sufficient. We’ll also ensure there are no safety hazards, and ensure the system is doing everything it’s supposed to.

When You’re Ready for Installation

When you’re ready to have a new air conditioner installed, give our team a call. We can help you from the very beginning, in selecting a new unit and ensuring it’s properly sized for your living space.

Only a trained and experienced professional will know how to complete a successful AC installation from start to finish!

Contact Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning today for your Concord, CA air conditioning services. Your comfort is our business!

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