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Serving the Greater East Bay Area

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Does Your Business’s Heater Need a Tune-Up?

Temperatures may not get as bone-chillingly cold as it does in the Midwest or Northeast, but with winter quickly approaching, there is no time like the present to start talking about maintaining the heater within your business or commercial properly—yes, your business’s heater absolutely needs a tune-up, each and every year.

Scheduling routine maintenance tune-ups is the best way to care for your commercial heater—and commercial air conditioner for that matter. This service helps protect your bottom line by helping your business avoid major repair needs. It also helps you save energy and extends the lifespan of the heating equipment.

The Importance of Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance is one of those important HVAC services we’re always telling homeowners to have done. But it’s even more vital for commercial spaces, no matter what size they are or what their function is. Efficient heating, and air conditioning manages the comfort of your customers, employees, clients, and/or tenants and guests. Plus, it is often vital in protecting equipment from overheating.

While in a residential space you have to worry about the comfort of a few individuals, in a business setting there is a much bigger responsibility.

We are business owners too—we get that you’re busy and have plenty to deal with day-to-day. Scheduling a service you don’t see an immediate need for can seem unreasonable, maybe even a waste of your time or money. We definitely encourage you to reconsider this concept though, since maintenance tune-ups are about preventing problems so you never have to deal with unpleasant surprises like this!

What’s Involved in Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

These types of service appointments generally take around 1-2 hours for each unit, though this can vary depending on the type of business and the type of system you have. Business and commercial space owners will have minimum disruption if they’re using rooftop units.

During your commercial maintenance appointment, our technicians will thoroughly clean and adjust the inside of your system, and comprehensively inspect it for any pending or potential future problems. This inspection includes a number of important steps, such as:

  • Making sure the air filters aren’t clogged and disrupting airflow.
  • Lubricating all the moving parts to make sure they’re functioning properly.
  • Doing a safety check of all electrical and gas line components.
  • Tightening the electrical connections and checking on the refrigerant charge in the case of a heat pump system or commercial central air conditioner.
  • Checking your rooftop units for any signs of wear or corrosion.

If our technicians come across a problem with your commercial HVAC system that needs repair to fend off a worsening problem, we’ll let you know right away so that you can schedule for appropriate repairs at a time that works for your business’s schedule.

And remember, when you are alerted to repair needs, the best time to take care of them is as soon as you can! Ignoring a small repair need can allow it time to have a domino effect in the system, causing other components to wear or break down. Ultimately, you could end up with an entire system failure. This can be prevented though, with diligent maintenance and repairs.

At Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning, “Your Comfort Is Our Business!” Let us handle your business needs with commercial HVAC service in Pleasanton, CA. Contact us today!

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