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Signs Your Household Health Could Be Suffering


Spring has been progressing right along, and if you’re like a good number of people throughout Concord and the surrounding area, that means allergy season is progressing right along too! This might mean you’re outdoors sneezing, or trying to relieve your scratchy eyes, or wondering if that dry and itchy throat is anything more than allergies.

Fortunately, you can look forward to getting home, swinging open the front door, and finding relief. But what if your indoor space doesn’t bring that relief?

Homeowners often don’t realize this, but their indoor air quality could actually be in worse shape than the quality of that outside. And for this problem, you may need to have a whole-home air purifier professionally installed. Read on to learn more!

Signs You Need an Air Purifier

First, let’s talk about the signs that your indoor air quality is in fact poor, and that you might need an air purifier to help resolve this:

  • You or other household members are constantly sneezing, sniffling, etc.
  • Asthma sufferers in your home aren’t finding much relief
  • Illness transmission seems to happen too easily
  • You have dry, scratchy, and/or watery eyes
  • You smell foul odors any time you run your air conditioner or furnace
  • You or other household members experience respiratory problems at home
  • You notice an excessive amount of dust within your home
  • You or a household member is snoring loudly even though you’ve never snored before

“Are There Different Types of Air Purifiers?”

Yes, there are! The term “air purifier” is actually kind of generic. There is an electronic air purifier, an ionization air purifier, and even a UV air purifier. The first two actually draw contaminants out of your indoor air, while the latter tackles microorganisms like mold and bacteria that could be living in your HVAC ductwork, before it even has the chance to enter your indoor air.

UV air purifiers are also known as ultraviolet air purifiers, or UV germicidal lights. These systems emit ultraviolet light into your home’s ductwork to get rid of any contaminants that might be developing inside. This type of UV light is completely harmless to people and pets, yet destroys single-cell organisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.

Other Indoor Air Quality Options

Air purifiers are a great addition to your indoor air quality solutions, but not the only system you might ever need! Another thing that contributes to the health of your home and your family is humidity.

You could have too little humidity in your home, or too much. As we head into summer, the latter will be more common. The ideal relative humidity level in any given home is between 30-50%, and anything above that range is too humid.

It encourages the growth of mold and mildew, and can create other problems for your property and the people who live in it.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our indoor air quality products and services. We can help you with whatever your IAQ needs may be.

If you’re ready for an air purifier in Concord, CA, reach out to Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning today. We can set you up with all your indoor air quality needs!

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