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Is Your Thermostat to Blame for AC Issues?

When the hot weather hits our area, no one wants to have to do without their air conditioner for even a few hours. When your AC isn’t running like you expect it to, it can cause a feeling of panic as you wonder what’s going on. 

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your AC but is instead with your thermostat. Although it’s rare that the issue originates with the thermostat itself, something could be interrupting its performance, leading to disruptions in communication between the thermostat and your air conditioner.

With so many homeowners upgrading to smart thermostats, some of these things can occur as people grapple with the learning curve. If you suspect that the cooling of your home is due to needing thermostat repair, we’re here to help. In the meantime, here are some troubleshooting tips to see if it’s something you can handle yourself. If you check all of this to no avail, then give us a call.

Is your thermostat in “fan only” mode?

This is an easy thing to check. Sometimes your thermostat can get set to “fan only” mode. Check to see if your thermostat says “fan only” on the display screen. If so, it means that the fan in the blower unit is on but that it’s not set to cooling. 

Did a pre-programmed setting cause the thermostat to switch itself off?

Smart thermostats are all about learning your cooling preferences. It has a bit of a learning curve as it tries to figure out the “smartest” way to keep your home at your desired temperatures and to do so when it thinks you’re at home. 

Some thermostats have the ability to temporarily suspend pre-programmed settings if it thinks no one is at home. This is convenient when you’re not actually home and forget to turn the thermostat off. To get around this, switch the thermostat from automatic to manual mode. You’ll need to adjust the temperature manually, but this is a good temporary fix to see if it’s causing the problem. 

Was your thermostat installed in a poor location in your home?

Your thermostat might not be able to get an accurate reading of your home’s temperature if it was installed in an area of your home that is unusually cool or warm (for example, if it’s too close to the kitchen). This can cause the temperature to fluctuate dramatically and short cycling of the system. 

Was your smart thermostat installed by yourself or a professional?

Smart thermostat installation is trickier than the YouTube tutorials would have you believe. If there’s a mismatch between the thermostat you chose and your HVAC system, there’s a strong chance that they’re not communicating as they should. Always leave smart thermostat installation to the pros. 

Is your thermostat miscalibrated?

A thermostat can develop a miscalibration of several degrees, resulting in the AC staying on too long or not running long enough. If you notice your AC isn’t reaching the temperature targets you set on the thermostat, we recommend calling us to check if the thermostat needs recalibration. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning to discuss your AC’s performance! Your comfort is our business.

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