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Our Guide to Getting Through a Heatwave

Summers are hot, but when the heatwave passes through, temperatures can become unbearable. On these days, you want to stay inside and stay cool and away from the extreme heat. However, even indoors, you still have to take certain precautions and understand just how your air conditioner works so you know what to expect out of it.

And when you need help with your Walnut Creek heating and air conditioning, our team is always here to help. We can answer your questions, talk to you about concerns, and even schedule an appointment to assess your air conditioner if you think that something is wrong. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about tips for getting through a heatwave.

AC Settings During a Heatwave

First, it’s important to understand your air conditioner’s part in keeping your home cool during a heatwave. Realistically, your air conditioner can only cool your home down about 20° less than the temperature is outside. During a heatwave, temperatures may reach over 100°. If the temperature outside is 106°, this means that your indoor temperature really won’t get any lower than 86°. If you usually set your thermostat fairly low, it’s going to put a lot of strain on your system. 

It can seem counterproductive to set your thermostat higher when it’s hot outside, but that’s exactly what you need to do. This allows your air conditioner to cool your home adequately without overworking and potentially overheating or even breaking down. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to set your thermostat on 86° for cooling. Experts recommend that you set your thermostat no lower than 78°F for cooling during the summer. During a heatwave, you may even increase the cooling temperature to 79° or 80°.

Ceiling Fans

To combat these extremely hot temperatures, you can take other steps to stay cool during a heatwave. One of the best ways to stay cool when it is hot outside is to turn on your home’s ceiling fans. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in every room, you can invest in floor fans that will also help make a difference.

Experts estimate that a ceiling fan can make your home feel about 4° cooler than it really is. While it isn’t actually doing anything to lower the temperature, simply the movement of air flow around you makes you feel cooler. This can make a heatwave a little more bearable.

Fresh Airflow

You also want to take advantage of times of the day when you can open windows in your home to let in fresh air. When your home is closed up to the outside, the air can quickly become stale and pollution levels increase. Germs and bacteria recirculate through your air conditioner and you continue to bring more pollution in with you from outside.

Get up early when it’s not hot yet and open your windows or doors to let in some fresh air. Or stay up a little later and open your windows and doors after the sun goes down. This is a great way to let fresh air into your home so that you can breathe a little easier during a heatwave.

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