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These Signs Indicate You Need Professional AC Service


When you live somewhere as warm as our climate, you know we don’t really get that long of a break during the wintertime from warmer temperatures. This is why we need to take such great care of our air conditioners!

It starts with investing in annual air conditioning maintenance. This ensures that your cooling system works as efficiently and effectively as possible, for as long as possible. Maintenance allows our technicians to catch small problems before they become bigger ones. Of course, repair needs can still crop up between maintenance sessions. Read on to learn what the signs are that you need AC repair.

Heed These Signs of an AC in Disrepair

You probably already know that if your air conditioner is making loud banging noises, or if the air coming out of your vents is very warm despite a correct thermostat setting, that it means something is drastically wrong and the system needs repair. Not all repair needs are this obvious—in fact, some are pretty subtle. Read on as we uncover a few signs that your AC is in need of repair.

Higher Than Average Utility Bills

Take a look at your energy bills compared to what you paid this same time last year. Better yet, if you can, compare your energy bills to what your neighbors are paying for similar use, with a similar air conditioner.

If your bills are drastically higher, despite comparable use, it’s a sign that something in your home isn’t working as efficiently as it should be, and it could very well be your air conditioner.

In fact, your electric HVAC systems account for half of all your energy use. Or at least, they do if they’re not properly maintained and serviced.

If you notice that your utility bills are a lot higher, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Strange Sounds

It’s a good rule of thumb that if your air conditioner is making noises it never has before, then it’s time to call us for repairs. Sometimes, though, these noises can be so quiet at first that you don’t even realize where they’re coming from. For example, what if you hear something that resembles a bubbling or hissing sound? This isn’t a normal sound of AC operation, and probably means you have a refrigerant leak.

If you hear a slight moaning noise, it can be that something is loose and getting ready to break, like a fan belt or a fan.

The longer these noises go on without investigating them, the more likely it is that you’ll face a much bigger repair need than necessary, and likely pay a lot more in the meantime.

Old Age

Do you know how old your air conditioner is? A very well-maintained air conditioner is designed to last about 10-15 years. Beyond this point, even with that careful maintenance, it’s going to start breaking down.

You’ll find that it begins working less efficiently, needs more repairs, and that those repairs may be more frequent.

The good news is, today’s air conditioners are more efficient than those of even just a decade ago. Reach out to our team today to learn what your AC system options are!

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