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Don’t Neglect These Potential End-of-Season Heating Repair Needs

Wintertime weather is on its way out, making way for the warmer temperatures we’re used to this time of year. However, with us still using our heaters for at least a little while longer, it’s not quite time to forget about them. But, do you know if your heater will make it through the rest of the chilly nights you need it for?

Your answer to this will heavily depend on whether or not your heater needs repairs. If your heating system is struggling a bit, or if you didn’t have maintenance done last fall, then you should really schedule repairs sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you risk a breakdown now, or even next fall when you go to turn it on again. But, how do you know for sure if your heater needs repairs? Fortunately, there are some pretty clear indicators you can watch and listen for. Read on as we uncover what they are!

Odd Noises

If you have a furnace system, you’ll likely hear a little bit of noise coming from it during operation, regardless of what kind of shape it’s in. But loud and ongoing noises are not normal, and shouldn’t be ignored. If you hear excessive clicking as the system shuts down after a cycle, it could be the sign of a damaged heat exchanger, for example.

Other noises you should be alert to include rattling, screeching, and hissing. If you have a heat pump system, the same rules apply. In fact, heat pumps are generally pretty quiet systems so if yours is making an unfamiliar sound, it’s definitely time to call us for an inspection.

Odd Smells

An acrid or slight burning odor is somewhat normal at the beginning of the heating season. This is because as your heater cycles on for the first time, the dust that has settled on the coils and the vents has to burn off.

You really shouldn’t smell anything burning at the end of the season, though. This can be indicative of electrical wires burning, or something else within the system. This requires an immediate inspection for your safety and the health of your heater.

Lack of Warmth

This is a pretty clear sign of a problem, yet near the end of the season, homeowners tend to ignore it. “I’m not going to need my heater much longer this season anyway, I’ll deal with it in the fall!” is a common thing we hear.

The problem is, the lack of warmth can be a problem with a component that’s shared with your air conditioner, such as your ductwork or even your thermostat.

Higher-Than Average Heating Bills

Are your energy bills a lot higher than they were this same time last year? How about compared to what your neighbors are paying for similar use? If so, then it’s a sign that something is working inefficiently, and it could very well be your heater. Don’t settle for high costs without comfort—call us to see if you need repairs.

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