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Should You Have Rooftop Units Installed for Your Business?


When it comes to achieving heating and cooling comfort in your commercial space, the most popular option to do so is with a packaged rooftop unit. You’re likely familiar with these even if you think you aren’t—you probably see large pieces of equipment on top of commercial and industrial buildings and don’t think much of them—but what you’re looking at is a packaged air conditioning system.

Why are these so popular? Read on as we uncover the answer to this question and more information you should know about these types of AC systems.

They Save Space

The main reason that HVAC units were placed on the top of commercial and industrial buildings was because there weren’t any other spaces available. Early central air conditioners for commercial spaces were added onto structures that were often in the middle of crowded downtown areas where there was literally no space around the structure for large units.

Up on the rooftop, they don’t take up valuable real estate, and they’re less prone to suffer from vandalism and other damage.

They Help with Efficiency

Modern rooftop air conditioning units are available in higher efficiencies (HSPF and SEER) than other types of commercial heating and air conditioning systems. There are also more ventilation options with these systems—like putting in humidistats) that can improve indoor air quality.

They’re Easy for Us to Access

“Wait, the roof isn’t easy to access…” you may be thinking. Don’t worry, we don’t mean easy to access for you. It’s easy to access for our team. We can access without causing a business interruption in your commercial space.

The “packaged” part of these rooftop units is very helpful too. Unlike traditional split-system air conditioner and heat pumps systems, both of which have components in cabinets that are both inside and outside the building, every component of the HVAC systems are in the rooftop cabinet. This means our professionals can manage repairs and maintenance all from one spot.

They Operate Very Quietly

You don’t typically hear the sounds of an air conditioner or heater inside a workplace, only the slight whoosh of air through the vents. This is because rooftop units store all the mechanical components, like the compressor and the fans, far away from the workspace.

They Are Modular

If you take a look at the roof of a standard commercial building, you’ll see multiple packaged HVAC units. This is because they’re designed to be modular. This allows them to grow as the business grows, or as business needs change. This isn’t possible using a conventional split-system air conditioner that must use indoor components.

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The thing about commercial or industrial HVAC systems is that they are much more complex than residential systems. Whoever you have working on these systems should have extensive knowledge with them, including how to maintain them and what can go wrong with them.

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