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Pay Attention if Your Heater Makes Any of These Noises


If you have a forced-air heating system like a furnace or heat pump, then there are going to be some sounds you can expect to hear. The whir of the fan a few minutes after the system starts up is one of them, for instance. In a furnace, it takes a few minutes for the furnace’s heating elements to get hot enough to provide adequate warmth to your home. Once you hear that familiar whir and the following rush of air through your vents, you feel satisfied knowing that warmth is on its way. That is, unless these sounds are accompanied by a loud and unfamiliar sound.

No matter what the noise is, anything outside of the normal operating sounds you hear every day is abnormal and deserve a call to our pos. Whether those noises seem to be coming from your vents or from the furnace system itself, they need to be investigated by a trained professional who knows what they’re looking for.

Read on as we uncover some of the most common noises we get called about, and what they might mean for your heating system.

A “Bang” or “Boom” at System Startup

This isn’t good in any type of heating system, but it’s particularly ominous if it’s coming from a gas-powered furnace. If you hear it consistently as the system operates, then it may be a minor issue with the air ducts or the sheet metal siding of the furnace—it may be a loose panel or connection that we can easily tighten and fix for you.

However, if you hear this sound exclusively when the furnace starts up, it’s reason for concern. You could have dirty furnace burners. That sounds benign enough, right? Well the problem is, if there is too much grime built up on the burners, then the combustion gases they create collects and then “bursts” through the grime, creating that noise you hear.

The reason this is potentially bad news is that every time this happens, it rattles the entire system, which can eventually cause damage to the heat exchangers (where those combustion gases collect). Your heat exchangers are what separate gas like carbon monoxide (CO) from the air that blows into your home, so this is definitely not a problem to ignore.


This can be a minor problem, but still one that should be tended to ASAP. It’s likely due to a lack of lubrication or a blower fan belt that’s worn out. These are both natural parts of wear and tear. Neglecting these repair needs, however, can cause them to turn into bigger, more urgent repair needs, or potentially even an unexpected shut down of your heating system.


This sound would probably be pretty hard to ignore, to be honest. Clanging usually indicates that a component has become loose inside your heating system. This can create a whole host of problems and is definitely a repair need you’ll want to call us about right away.

For quality heater repair in Brentwood, CA, look no further than Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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