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Is It Ever Too Late for AC Maintenance?

The short answer to this question is “no.” Look, unless your air conditioner has completely broken down and is beyond repair, it’s never too late to have your ac professionally maintained. Unfortunately, by the time we get to this time of the year, homeowners think that they may as well skip maintenance this year. This line of thinking can do more harm than good, though!

This is definitely a case of, “it’s better late than never.” In fact, the frequency of your air conditioning maintenance appointments matters a lot more than the timing. Sure, we recommend AC tune-ups in early spring, before you’ll need your system the most. But as long as you’re having it done at least once a year, you’ll keep your air conditioner in good shape. Read on to learn more about this important service.

Why It’s Never Too Late for a Tune-Up

Maintenance is something that every air conditioner needs to have done, annually. Actually, if you are using a year-round heat pump in your home to both cool and heat it, then you should have maintenance done twice a year. Why’s this?

Because Summer Doesn’t Take a Holiday

If you’ve lived in the Concord area for even just a year, then you already know that we can be surprised by heatwaves just about any time of the year. You may find yourself switching your thermostat from “heating” mode to “cooling” mode in the middle of January!

But if your air conditioner is well-maintained each year, you won’t have to worry about its ability to do its job and keep your home cool, no matter when a heatwave hits.

Because Skipping Maintenance Is Costly

Homeowners often worry about the cost of maintenance–but the truth is it costs more to go without maintenance. Why is this? Well for starters, maintenance helps our team find small problems before they turn into bigger ones.

Let’s say we find a worn motor bearing, for instance. We can alert you right away, and you can schedule repairs, which in this case will only require relubricating the motor bearing.

But what if you skipped maintenance and weren’t aware you had this problem? Then the motor could continue running, with friction because of the lack of lubrication, and burn out. This would require a motor replacement, which is a lot more inconvenient and costly than lubricating some bearings!

Because It Can Help You Avoid a Sudden System Breakdown

The most apparent reason our customers have regular air conditioning maintenance done is to prevent their systems from suddenly shutting down on them during a sweltering hot day. There are plenty more of those up ahead, and you want your AC system ready to get through each one of them.

Because It Prevents Unnecessary Repairs

As we mentioned above, maintenance gives our technicians the opportunity to spot small problems before they become much bigger. It literally helps you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs to your air conditioner–in fact, maintenance can help you avoid up to 85% of the repairs a system may ever need in its lifespan.

Hometown Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for AC maintenance in Concord, CA. Contact us today!

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